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Our one of a kind Universal J-Cups are designed for use with our patented FITT Rack. The Universal J-Cups are made of 8mm thick steel and are tested to a weight capacity of 1500lbs.


Our Universal J-Cups are optimized for quick and easy adjustments with our 12mm loading and securing pins.


Our Universal J-Cups’ unique, versatile, and adjustable design can also fit power rack or squat rack bars of 2x2”, 2x2.5”, 2.5x2.5”, 2x3”, 2x4”, and 2.5x4” in width.

SARGE FITT Universal J-Cup Set

  • Color: Black

    Weight: 3lbs

    Weight capacity: Tested at 1500lbs

    Height: 116.5mm

    Width: 50mm

    Length: 168mm


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