Sarge FITT's Patented FITT Racks, are the only Multifunctional systems on the market that have adjustable handles that rotate 360 degrees and slide laterally for multiple grips.  The FITT Racks converts from a pull-up station to a dip station and then to a push-up station while offering unlimited variations of body weight exercises to build total body strength.  They are designed to take up minimum space and allows for easy assembling and disassembling.

​They provide convenience to the individual who does not want to waste valuable time traveling to and from a gym (or waiting on exercise equipment).  With our FITT Racks, you can achieve total body strength from the comfort of your own home, apartment or garage.  With our portable design, you can even take it on the road with you!  That’s right, you can take them to the park, the beach, a hotel and numerous other places outside your living area.

The FITT Racks provides total body functional exercises for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

FITT Rack Specifications

  • Proudly made in the United States

  • made of guage steel

  • height

  • weight

  • base

  • adjustable handles

  • retractable

  • black powder coat finish

  • handles rotate and slide laterally

  • no hardware or tools required

  • easy assembly and dissassembly

  • safe