Sarge FITT is a Veteran Owned Small Business started by a Retired US Army Master Sergeant.  He is a 25 year veteran of the US Army, an Army Master Fitness Trainer, and a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer.  He understood a physically fit individual had better overall health, self-esteem, and energy than an individual who was not.

Individuals spend hundreds and thousands of dollars a year on gimmick diet programs, gym memberships, exercise equipment and personal trainers to get fit and lose weight.  Knowing this, he wanted to develop a workout apparatus designed for the everyday person who desired to make the concerted effort to improve their overall fitness and health without spending a fortune on equipment and gym membership fees.  He wanted to eliminate the excuse of not having the time, money or energy to workout.  There was a need for an exercise equipment that anyone could use anywhere, anytime.  Therefore, Sarge FITT's FITT Rack was born.


The FITT Rack provides total body functional workouts for anyone, anywhere, anytime.


The FITT Rack is made right here in the United States.  We believe in employing American workers, which will contribute to the overall success of the economy. 

At Sarge FITT we also believe in giving back.  We honor our American Veterans by donating a portion of every sale to a “Veterans” based charitable organization who offer a variety of programs, services and events for veterans, wounded warriors and surviving spouses of the US Armed Forces.

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