Medical and fitness experts agree that exercising is important to maintain a healthy body and mind.  Exercising can...


  • Build muscle mass and boost endurance resulting in a stronger, faster and leaner individual


  • Relieve stress and tension while also increasing confidence and self-esteem

  • Help prevent and manage a wide range of health problems and concerns

Bodyweight exercises mimic everyday movements and activities, which result in greater strength, balance, and flexibility for everyday life. Body weight exercises are an affordable and effective way to…

  • Build muscular endurance and strength

  • Lose unwanted body fat

  • Increase flexibility

  • Gain energy​​​ and withstand fatigue

There are numerous variations of bodyweight exercises that can be executed with Sarge FITT's patented FITT Rack.  Some benefits of using the FITT Rack are...

Muscular Strength.JPG
 Muscle Strength

As we age our bones get denser and weaker resulting in weaker muscles and diminished strength. Muscle strengthening is key to reduce these effects. Bodyweight exercises are some of the most effective strength and muscle building routines. With the FITT Rack, you can perform bodyweight exercises such as leg lifts, push-ups, and tricep dips in order to build muscle strength. 

Muscular Endurance.jpg
 Muscle Endurance


Building muscle endurance increases your agility and overall stamina to do daily activities. With the FITT Rack, you can perform multiple sets of high repetition bodyweight exercises such as timed push-ups, pull-ups and squats to improve muscular endurance.

weight loss.jpg
 Weight Loss


Bodyweight workouts are an effective way to lose weight or unwanted body fat. Bodyweight exercises focus on compound movements that work multiple large muscles simultaneously rather than ones that isolate one muscle at a time. These compound movements involve more muscles and therefore burn more calories. With the FITT Rack, you can perform compound movements such as L-seated pull-ups, spider push-ups, and dips.


Flexibility is needed to perform everyday functional activities such as getting out of bed, lifting your children, or standing up from sitting in a chair or the couch. Without adequate flexibility, these activities become more difficult to perform over time.  Improved flexibility enhances performance in muscular conditioning, which helps prevent loss of mobility and strength as we age. The FITT Rack can help increase flexibility and range of motion.