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Juan Biddix Jr


SARGE FITT is a Veteran and Black owned business that invented and patented a multifunctional exercise system called the FITT Rack.


Its founder, Juan Biddix Jr. is a retired Army Master Sergeant, an Army Master Fitness Trainer, and a Certified Personal Trainer.


When Juan retired from the Army, going to the gym to workout became very time consuming. He wasted a lot of time traveling to and from the gym just to workout on limited and inadequate equipment. He thought there had to be a quality exercise system that he could use at home instead of going to the gym. There wasn’t!


Juan decided to figure out what the ideal piece of exercise equipment that not only he could use, but other individuals of varying ages, heights, sizes and physical abilities and disabilities could use in the safety and comfort of their own space.


Juan invented and patented the freestanding, adjustable and portable multifunctional exercise system called the FITT Rack.


The FITT Rack is the ultimate exercise system that stands above its competitors. Once piece of equipment, one helluva workout!


To provide superior exercise equipment where individuals of varying ages, heights, sizes, and fitness levels can achieve body transformational workouts


To become one of the leaders in the exercise equipment industry as a viable alternative to the status quo


To encourage individuals to achieve optimum health and eliminate the excuse of not having the time or ability to exercise

We believe in giving back. We honor our American Veterans by donating a portion of every sale of the FITT Rack to a Veteran-based charitable organization who offer a variety of programs, services and events for Veterans, Wounded Warriors and Surviving Spouses of the US Armed Forces.


We invite you to donate as well. Click on one of the links below. Every dollar counts.