The patented FITT Rack is a freestanding, adjustable and portable multifunctional exercise system. The FITT Rack converts from a pull-up station to a dip station and to a push-up station.


The FITT Rack was designed for individuals of varying ages, heights, sizes, and fitness levels to achieve body transformational workouts almost anywhere.


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  • Color: Matte black powder coat finish

    Weight: 155lbs

    Height:  Adjustable with max height 7" 10'

    Foot print: 4' x 4' base

    Diameter of handles: 1  3/10"

    Made with:  11  guage steel

    Length of individual pieces when disassembled for storage or transport:

    Horizontal bar (1): 

    Upper vertical bar (2):

    Lower vertical bar (2):

    Base bars (2):

    Stabilizer bar (1):


    * The FITT Rack can be stationed outdoors; however, it is not recommended to keep it outdoors during inclement weather. Although the powder coat finishing protects against some moisture, prolonged exposure to rain or snow could result in damage.