Sarge FITT's Patented FITT Rack is a free-standing, portable and adjustable mulitfunctional exercise equipment. The patented design and unique capabilities of our FITT Rack, make it superior to all other systems on the market.

•    The handles of the FITT Rack rotate 360 degrees and slide laterally, providing multiple grips for various body weight exercises.  
•    The
FITT Rack converts from a pull-up station to a dip station and to a push-up station while offering a wide variety of other body weight exercises in between.  
•    No hardware or tools are required, making the
FITT Rack easy to assemble and disassemble for portability.


The beginner and expert fitness enthusiast can use the FITT Rack's patented design to perform total body functional exercises that build muscle strength and endurance while losing unwanted body fat Anywhere, Anytime.  

Pull-up Station
 Dip Station
 Push-up Station

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